Finding time & Dicipline

I'm sure most creatives face this issue.

We take on a multitude of projects for other people and dance daily with the balance of our freelance work and day jobs. That is if you're not one of the lucky ones making full time work out of your passion. 

This dance is a beautiful and tormented one. On one hand, we love being able to work at what we are gifted with. But on the other hand, we are often saddled with jobs and challenges that prevent us from the purely fun and creative endeavors. And worse, when we do have time to 'play' with our talents, we often neglect the projects we have set up for ourselves in the administrative department. 

At least that's how it's been for me for the last number of years. The rare moments I have to work on my own projects, I reach for my paint brushes, sculpting clay, or sketchbook, and my web presence has suffered.  

This fall I've decided to stop dilly-dallying and start disciplining myself. It's time to set up a true representation of myself and my work on the web, so that I can push forward with my creativity and let the world see. 

And so,  here we are.  Thanks for being an open audience.