T'is the season for custom artwork!

Each year I get the opportunity to help other people fulfill their christmas gift lists and wish lists with something hand made and personalized. It's a lovely thing to be part of; helping others give gifts with lots of meaning, while being given the chance to create something thats usually outside my wheelhouse. This year was no different. 

A week ago, a friend asked met to paint a portrait of her partners' dog. While i'm a confident painter, animals are not typically my chosen subject matter, and my training in being able to recreate the likeness of an animal usually falls under drawings rather than paintings.  I accepted the commission and got to work. 

I spent hours researching painting techniques and viewing the artwork of others to help gain my footing, and then dove straight in. Painting this sweet dog was even more enjoyable than I had expected. Her absolutely adorable face (coupled with my undying love for all dogs) allowed me to get absorbed in the process, and helped the painting happen naturally. To my surprise, I completed the portrait in one sitting. 

My friend was delighted with the result, and said it brought tears to her eyes! I'm so excited to see how her partner responds.

If you have a pet that you'd like to have a portrait of, reach out to me with your ideas and together we can create a beautiful portrait!

Happy Holidays!