Sarah in the studio

Sarah in the studio


Hello, I'm Sarah O'Neill, a visual artist based in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. I am what you might call a creative addict. I’m always working away at some creative project, be it sculpting, costume design, macramé, you name it, i’ve tried it! But my true passion is painting and illustrating portraits and figures. I’ve spent my life enamoured with the human form, which is favoured heavily in my art.
I’m currently contributing to group art exhibits in the Ottawa area, and taking commissions while I am on maternity leave with my first child.

Interested in watching my creative process? Watch my live streams on Twitch

If you would like to learn about my professional life, please view my Resume.

Fun Facts

I'm originally from Cape Breton, an Island in Atlantic Canada. 

I am a first time mom (FTM) to my son, Lauchlan, a boy born with IA.

I'm a huge dog lover, and a mom to a gorgeous Shiba Inu, Charlie. 

I'm an avid curler, and a competitive dragonboat paddler.

I'm a live competitive painter with Art Battle Canada

I'm a big fan of  the craft beer scene in Ottawa. Support local crafters!